The OUTBREAK at Schnepf Farms

By Schnepf Farms (other events)

19 Dates Through Oct 30, 2016

The Outbreak: a disease spreading across Arizona. The Outbreak is turning people into the undead. ZOMBIES! Recent developments at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek have had a positive impact on the ability to fight disease because the  farm grows a unique plant that has been found to be very effective in the vaccine against this deadly OUTBREAK.

The Problem: the zombies have taken over the part of the farm where the special plant for the vaccine is being grown! The crop is in danger of being destroyed!

Your Mission:  Hundreds of brave zombie fighters are needed to save the plants and our country! You will be armed with weapons (paintball guns) and asked to board 40' Zombie Combat Vehicles (hayrides) that will take you to the fields to save us all from The Outbreak. The government needs your help!

Ride Length: approximately 15 minutes

When to Attend: To avoid longer wait times, please arrive early or attend on a Thursday or Sunday night. Friday and Saturday nights can have wait times up to 4 hours.



Mailing Address

22601 E. Cloud Road Queen Creek, AZ 85142